Jan 6, 2010

Entering the Abyss? - Sadie

Writing this post started because I just wanted to find an aerial map of Abheypur to show everyone exactly where we are going to be working. As it turns out, I couldn’t find one. Google maps failed me! Nothing! It auto-corrects to another town miles south of Abheypur. We are leaving later today and this discovery is the first thing that has caused me serious worry. I realized that I have never been to a place that Google maps couldn’t find. Maybe I will take some street photos while I’m there and send Google a nasty email.

So instead, just to give you an idea of the area, here is a map of Pathways World School, where we will be staying. I found the image of it to be quite amusing (Looks like we’re hoofin it!):
This is what the school actually looks like:
And I am assured Abheypur is about a forty-five minute bus ride from here.

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