Jan 6, 2010

Packing List Lost - Sadie

I remember in one of our fall workshops all the faculty advisers and students who have been to India before told us not just to "pack light" but, to "pack as light as possible." Well anyone who knows me, knows I am notoriously not capable of packing light. I am actually a bit of a pack rat and I always like to be prepared for the worst. The end result is that I am very attached to my stuff, lots and lots and lots of stuff. Well, when EWB and the study aboard office each gave us a packing list about 3 pages long, I knew all hopes of gracefully carrying around a nice light duffel bag were out the window. So I wanted to share a few of the 1000 things I will be dragging halfway around the world and back.
In this mess is a small pharmacy, including prescription malaria prophylaxis and ciprofloxacin, Tylenol PM (sleep medicine), NoDoz (caffeine pills) and everything in between. I have tons of camera equipment including a SLR with a straight lens, an extra telephoto lens, a regular back-up digital camera and ALL of the necessary addendums - so for everyone who told me to take lots of photos, don't worry, I'm prepared. A few of the most unusual items are probably sunscreen (considering its January), toilet paper for the bathroom in the village, flip flops for the shower, a clothes line and a frisbee. When I was packing I started by putting all my non-clothing items in first and by the time I was done with just that, my suitcase was almost full. That was definitely a first for me. When we get back, I will include a list of everything I that I packed that I didn't actually use...and then I will probably slowly cry myself to sleep thinking about the all the stuff I could have left home.

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